Why Texas Might Be the Best State

istock_000002990407_smallSome people consider Texas to be the best state in the whole of US, due to its long traditions related to cowboys, country music, beer etc. Maybe, one of the reasons why Texas is so popular in the collective mind of many Americans as well as people from other countries has to do with old Western movies, which often featured tales of the Old Wild West and actors such as John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood, James Stewart, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, among others.

Much of the popularity gained was due to the media and movies depicting life in the 19th century, which glorifies the so called American Frontier, exaggerating or romanticizing the violence ensued from the American expansion to the west, and the stealing of territories previously inhabited by Native Americans between the 17th and 20th century.

Another reason why Texas is considered a great state is perhaps the recent emergence of Austin as a multicultural city and as a pillar of progress and fruition. Despite Texas’ long history of racism and misogyny, due to the predominance of a patriarchal society, ruled by white estate owners of farms and ranches, Austin has managed to strike back against this culture and it now seems to be a beacon of hope for the state, something many of its inhabitants are proud of.

The University of Texas is trying to change the image of the state by welcoming students from all over the world and offering courses in subjects like gender studies and social anthropology, where they address issues relevant not only to Americans but also to people from around the world, such as race, gender equality, human rights, animal rights, environmental issues, etc. Also, the University of Texas is proud to promote itself as an inclusive institution, with members of their academic staff being culturally diverse.