Good Universities in Smaller Cities

new-jersey-city-university-affordable-collegesThe higher education in Texas has completely changed in the last decade. The main reason behind this structural change was the aging of the current work force. The younger population needed to adjust itself to be able to replace the retirees, and therefore maintain good levels in the economy.

With a lot of understanding from the legislators of Texas, this issue was solved much quickly. The representatives of the education department of the state spotted quickly the patterns for changing and contributed with all its might to produce high quality graduates. There are many voices which foresee a great future for the higher education of Texas, and predict many more changes in the years to follow.

The change has penetrated all the universities in Texas, especially the ones located in the smaller cities. The implementation of the new structure was easier and faster in smaller institutions. Following, a list with the best universities in smaller towns in Texas:

  • Trinity University from San Antonio: Although there are only around 2,300 students in this small town, the faculty ratio rose to 9 to 1. The most successful departments are liberal arts, but the campus hosts 43 majors, divided into 25 departs. Some of the most notable are the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Science. The university is ranked number one amongst the western universities.
  • Jacksonville University: A private university located on the east side of the farming Texas is one of the most affordable in the country. It has known fame in the recent years with its choral group, admired for its performance. Furthermore, all students learn important moral issues.
  • Abilene Christian University: Around 4,600 students enroll each year and the course spread over 71 disciplines. The curricula not only involves just Christian thematic, but also business, psychology, accounting or human development.